About Us

The Group is a fast-growing entrepreneurship training and consultancy provider based in Singapore with regional reach in Malaysia and the Philippines through Licensees.

The Group has developed an Entrepreneurship Maturity System as the foundation for providing tailored services and targeting the exact needs of entrepreneurs. We taught more than 2,200 students and supported over 20 start-up businesses during their development stages. The Group also launched Entrepreneurship Book.

Focusing on offering advice, support and solutions to entrepreneurs and start-ups, the Group nurtures entrepreneurship and assists entrepreneurs from the early stage of idea creation, through to the final stages of commercialization and potential ‘exits’ (including preparing for sales of businesses, etc).

The Group’s primary focus for revenue generation is the sale of its Entrepreneurship training and consultancy products and services. The Group recognizes that entrepreneurs have varying demands and concerns across different stages of their business ventures.

The Group also developed the Global Education Foundation Token (GeFT) and the mission is to provide sustainable world-class education development – focusing on research, career and lifelong achievement.

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